Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Campaign

Thanks to nearly 250 gifts received from our generous donors throughout the tri-counties, we are delighted to announce that we have achieved our $3 million Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Campaign goal and fulfilled the $650,000 matching gift challenge! This challenge was provided by a group of very special friends — Leslie and Ashish Bhutani, Jean Schuyler and Judy and Jack Stapelmann.
The Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Campaign was launched in 2010 to support the acquisition and renovation of a larger, more comprehensive Thousand Oaks Health Center to serve the southern-most region of our service area. This center is up and running — we now have the capacity to meet the growing demand for our services and double the number of patient visits which now stands at 13,000 per year.
We are paying off the loans that were needed to acquire and renovate the new Thousand Oaks Health Center. This will free significant funds on an annual basis for new and existing programs throughout Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties.
The campaign also supplied direct funding to support teen pregnancy prevention and other education programs throughout our service area. Due to state budget cuts, we needed to replace funding to keep those effective programs going.
We would not have been able to meet this goal without the leadership of our campaign co-chairs — Jeannette Bauer, Dick Jensen, Tina Rasnow and The Rev. Betty Stapleford — along with the numerous committee members who worked tirelessly to engage the support of the people in their communities.
If you’d like more information about the Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Campaign, please call Sherry Madsen at (805) 722-1516.

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