Interested adults are trained to share information about reproductive health, family planning, and community resources with friends, family members and others through the Confianza (Trust) peer outreach program.

Adults, recruited from target neighborhoods through word-of-mouth and local agencies, receive 40 hours of training on pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection prevention, healthy relationships, peer outreach, and community resources.

Upon completion of training, peer educators share information, prevention materials, and referrals with 15 peers through informal social interactions. Peer educators document peer contacts and are required to follow up with peers 2-3 months later to evaluate behavioral changes. Adult peer educators receive stipends following completion of the program.

Program evaluation has shown that 75% of peers contacted by the peer educators were more knowledgeable about the topics discussed, 70% were referred to a clinic or other agency for assistance, 65% were more likely to limit sexual activity or use contraception, and over 30% actually obtained needed services. 

For more information, call (805) 963-2445 ext. 1725.

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