About Us

Join us in our vision of creating a community where every child is a wanted child, where people make informed and responsible health decisions, and where everyone has access to affordable, quality reproductive healthcare and the right to choose.

In our work at Planned Parenthood, we combine medical services with education and public advocacy to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families. Your support strengthens our programs and helps us keep our services affordable and accessible to those in need.

In a typical year Planned Parenthood:

-provides a wide range of contraceptive services to over 25,000 women who made over 56,000 medical visits

-provides prevention-oriented medical services such as Pap tests and breast exams to over 13,000 women

-offers pregnancy testing and counseling to 18,000 women

-tests and treats over 23,000 women and men for sexually transmitted infections and HIV

-provides education and training programs that reach more than 60,000 participants

-trains Latino peer educators in HIV and pregnancy prevention so that they in turn can help others in their communities

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