Governor Christie Eliminates Family Planning Budget - Take Action Now!

The Star Ledger Editorial Urges "Restore N.J.'s Family Planning Funding"

The Star Ledger Urges the Governor to Restore Family Planning Funding

Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to eliminate $7.4 million for family planning would cripple a program that helps thousands of young, low-income women at risk for unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses. It makes little sense when the services it supported help avert much higher costs that result from delayed health check-ups.


In another nonsensical move, the state rescinded its application for a federal program that would have picked up 90 percent of the cost of expanding family planning services for this same population of uninsured young more.

We need all of our voices heard on this, phone calls to legislators, letters written, email petitions signed.  Our State office has set up a special website to keep all of us informed.  For more information go to Women's Health Matters and make sure you sign the petition.

We are also keeping our information updated on a daily (or more) basis on our Facebook Page

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