7 Things You Need to Know about NY State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace

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1.New affordable and comprehensive health insurance options will be available for New Yorkers.

2. If you have signed up for a plan on or before December 23, 2013, you can start using your new insurance on January 1, 2014. Open enrollment ends on March 31,2014. If you do not have health insurance and have not signed up for health insurance by this date, you will need to wait until the next enrollment period, beginning in October of 2014, and you’ll likely have to pay a fine..

3. If you earn less than $45,960 as an individual or $94,200 for a family of 4, you may be eligible for financial assistance that will make coverage more affordable.

4.You will not be denied health insurance or charged more on the basis of a pre-existing condition.

5. All health insurance options will offer a comprehensive array of services. Preventive services will be offered at no cost to you.

6. You can get help enrolling in coverage: • In-person • By phone • On-line via web chat

7. You pick the plan that is best for you. • Compare your plan choices based on price, provider network, or quality score.

For more details, go to New York State of Health.

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