Let Turn Lemons Into Lemonade Through Pledge A Picket

Anti-choice protesters regularly pace the sidewalk in front of many of Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudsonís (PPMH) centers. They carry large graphic signs, accost our patients, staff, and volunteers and hand out misleading information. They intimidate every person seeking reproductive health care services or information.

With your help we can make anti-choice pickets become prochoice victories through our Pledge a Picket campaign. The more picketers who demonstrate outside our clinics, the more donations we receive to protect access to vital reproductive health care.

How does this work? Supporters pledge based on the number of protestors. Consider joining this campaign by pledging a dollar per picketer, 10¢ per picketer, or whatever works for you. Your online donation can be made here.

2012 picketers at all centers - 3,711
Cobleskill - 538
Glens Falls - 896
Johnstown - 9
Rome - 175
Saratoga Springs - 31
Schenectady - 792
Utica - 1,270

Your gift provides essential educational programs, health services for the uninsured, and advocacy efforts to help keep abortion safe, legal and accessible to all.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 518.374.5353 ext. 235.

Thank you for your support!

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