We believe that the free and joyous expression of one's own sexuality is central to being fully human throughout our lives.

Sexual development begins at birth and continues through the life span. Sexuality should be a positive and healthy expression of who adults are at all stages of their lives. However, a great deal of time may have passed since adults received their sexual health information. There may be new birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and safer sex methods that a person is unaware of.

PPGWNI's educators offer information and workshops for adults of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations on such topics as:

  • Safer sex
  • Pregnancy and birth control
  • Menopause
  • Sexuality for mid and later life
  • Communication about sex
  • Healthy relationships
  • Re-entering the dating world

Information and Scheduling

For more information, please contact PPGWNI's Education Department at 1-866-904-7721.

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