Take Action in Idaho

Advocating for menís and womenís accesses to comprehensive family planning and sexual health education requires a large group of activists. The public affairs team in Idaho works at local, state, and national levels to stand up for reproductive justice.

Make your voice heard!    

Sign up for the Planned Parenthood Action Network
Youíll receive regular email updates and opportunities to take action to protect reproductive rights.  Itís the cheapest, greenest, and easiest way to stay informed.

Join VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood
Are you a college student?  If so, VOX is for you!  VOX educates and mobilizes students in support of reproductive health and rights.

Be a part of Clergy for Choice
Clergy for Choice is a new activist group in Idaho. We are excited to build an organization of religious leaders who support menís and womenís access to both comprehensive family planning and sexual health education. Email ppactionid@ppgnw.org to get involved.

Join Republicans for Choice
A substantial portion of Republican voters favor a womenís right to chose and support access to both comprehensive family planning and sexual health education. Republicans for Choice can help organize fundraisers, participate in demonstrations, write letter to the editor, or simply call their local legislator.  Email ppactionid@ppgnw.org for more info.

Check out Planned Parenthood Votes! IDAHO
Coming soon! Votes! is a statewide voter education project that provides information about voting, elections, and candidates for public office. 

Register to Vote.
All the information you need to make sure your voice is heard.  Make it count.  Register with the Idaho Secretary of State today!

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