Sex Positive: A Benefit Album for PPGNW

Amazing musicians. A phenomenal cause.

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About the Project
“Sex Positive” features 18 bands and artists, most of whom contributed brand new songs for the occasion.  The playlist is a paean to love, sex, relationships, broken hearts and self determination with ALL of the proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.

The benefit CD is the inspiration of Alicia Dara, a local singing teacher and lead singer/guitarist of the acclaimed indie band, The Volcano Diary.  As a 15 year member of the Seattle music community and a fierce supporter of Planned Parenthood, Dara wanted to give something back to the organization that supported her and many of her musician friends’ health throughout the years.

“At a party last year, I realized that every musician I talked to, had a story about Planned Parenthood or had relied on Planned Parenthood for some basic health service at some point in their career,” said Ms. Dara.  “Musicians, as you know, are notoriously uninsured and Planned Parenthood has always been there for us.  We decided to give something back.” 

Contributing Artists and Songs
The full list of songs includes:

1) Star Anna “Stumble” * 
2) Madrona “The Agitator” *
3) Choklate “The Tea”
4) Minirex “Not The Only One”
5) The Volcano Diary “Silver Tongue” *
6) Another Perfect Crime “No Stars” *
7) RA Scion “Steal” *
8) Ama Trio “Beirut” *
9) Land of Pines “What Dust We Dote On” *
10) Cober “Slow to Notice”
11) Willow “Ricordare” *
12) The Maxines “Honestly” *
13) Mutiny Mutiny “A Work In Progress” *
14) Sweet Secrets “The Old You” *
15) Not Long After “She Wants You”
16) We Are Golden “Xie Xie” *
17) Jean Mann “Midnight Sun” *
18) NoRey “Just Like You” *

*CD includes debut of a new song composed for this project.

Where to Buy
The CD will be available at:

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