Emergency Contraception Recall - Next Choice One Dose

You may have heard that Watson has voluntarily recalled two lot codes of Next Choice One Dose after  receiving complaints that the emergency contraceptive pill breaks when pushed through the blister pack.   The Next Choice One Dose covered by this recall  has lot codes 580974AA and 580975AA, both with the expiration date September 2014.  Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest dispensed this medication from all of our health centers between April and September of 2013.  If you think that you may have received this medication, the following information is important to you:  

  • If you have already taken a dose of the medication,  nothing needs to be done.  The recall was due to a problem with the package, not the medication.
  • If you wish to return a recalled dose of Next Choice to a PPGNW health center for an exchange,  you may do so. 
  • If you need  to take a dose of Emergency Contraceptive and only have a Next Choice One Dose from one of these lot codes, you can cut the medication out of the blister pack, rather than pushing it through, to minimize the chance of breaking the pill. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please donít hesitate to contact us at 1-800-769-0045.

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