Working together in a long-term partnership from 2003-2012, PPGNW provided technical and financial support to the Youth Development Foundation (YDF) in Cameroon. As its mission states, YDF strongly believes that “youth can take charge of their future and become an influential voice of change.” By creating a space for youth to receive education and services, YDF enables adolescent Cameroonians, young women in particular, to find their voice and make a difference in their communities and individual lives.

PPGNW International Program’s key contributions including collaborating with YDF for:

  • Teen/Peer Education Training
  • Facility Development & Funding
  • Capacity Building

Working diligently with limited resources, YDF breaks down barriers that prevent youth from talking with their parents and families about sexual and reproductive health and other topics. Conversations between family members on the subject of puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control chip away at the long standing taboo regarding sexuality, and continue to empower individuals to make decisions that are right for them.

With the support of PPGNW, YDF programs trained 120 peer educators ages 12-18, who reach over 1,200 youth each year. Additionally, our support contributed to the construction and opening of a new clinic, enabling YDF to provide free or low-cost tests for sexually transmitted infections as well as contraceptives and condoms. To build capacity, YDF leveraged PPGNW support to attract other funding, including the Clinton Foundation and Cameroonian Government, thereby increasing its long-term sustainability.


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