Teen Theater Groups

Teen "Reality" Theater is a professional, all-teen theatre group. The actors are trained to teach others their age about real life issues like HIV, AIDS, family planning, relationships and family communication through skits, full-length plays and video productions.

All of the plays are developed by the teens with guidance from Planned Parenthood staff.

Hear it straight from a teen:

“We’re not just actors, we’re educators. We just don’t perform for entertainment… we teach people of all ages through theater because it’s a fun way to learn.” -Donald, 17

To be a part of TRT, you have to be in high school and audition for a part. Auditions are held twice a year and audition space is limited.

For general application information and audition schedules call (716) 831-2200 ext. 5925. To follow us on Facebook, click here to visit and 'like' us!

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