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Sexuality Education & Reproductive Health Resources:
The Alan Guttmacher Institute

Centers for Disease Control: Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance

Centers for Disease Control: HIV/AIDS Surveillance

Kaiser Family Foundation

State Health Facts Online

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

National Center for Health Statistics

Arizona Department of Health Services

Sources Designed For Parents:
National Parent Information Network

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Talking With Kids About Tough Issues

Educational Resources for Parents:
Advocates for Youth

The Body

Birds and Bees

Campaign for our Children

CDC National Prevention Network

Childrenís Defense Fund

Child Welfare League of America

Family Health Productions

National Education Association Health Information Network

National Council of La Raza

National School Board Association

Sexuality Information & Education Council of the United States

Alan Guttmacher Institute

Websites for Teens and Parents:
American Social Health Organization

Girls Incorporated

Health Teacher

YWCA of the USA

Websites Especially For Teens
Ambiente Joven

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

Go Ask Alice!

Itís Your (Sex) Life


Planned Parenthood's Info for Teens


Sex, Etc.

Sex Sense: Ask Beth

Teen Advice Online

Teen Scene

Youth Resource

Selected Books for Parents and Their Children
Families Are Talking: Itís Important To Talk To Children About HIV/AIDS. Sexuality Information & Education Council of the United States. The Annie E. Casey Foundation. 2002.

All About Sex: A Family Resource On Sex and Sexuality Ronald Filiberti Moglia & Jon Knowles, Three Rivers Press, 1997: ISBN: 0609801465

Bellybuttons Are Navels, Mark Schoen, Prometheus Books, 1992: ISBN: 0879755857

Beyond The Big Talk: Every Parentís Guide To Raising Sexually Healthy Teens Ė From Middle School To High School And Beyond, Debra Haffner, New Market Press, 2002: ISBN: 1557045178

Caution: Do Not Open Until Puberty! An Introduction to Sexuality for Young Adults with Disabilities, Rick Enright, Devinjer House, 1995: ISBN: 0968041507

The Family Guide to Sex and Relationships, Richard Walker, Macmillan Publishing USA, 1996: ISBN: 002861433X

Flight of the Stork: What Children Think (and When) About Sex and Family Building, Anne C. Berstein, Perspective Press, 1996: ISBN: 0944934099

From Diapers to Dating: A parentís Guide To Raising Sexually Healthy Children, Debra W. Haffner, Newmarket Press, 2000: ISBN: 1557044260

Go Ask Alice Book of Answers: A Guide To Good Physical, Sexual and Emotional Health, Columbia University Health Education Project, Henry Holt & Co., 1998: ISBN: 0805055703

Happy Birth Day, Robie Harrie, Candlewick Press, 1999: ISBN: 0763609749

Howíd I Get In There In The First Place? Talking To Your Young Child About Sex, Deborah Roffman, Perseus Press, 2002: ISBN: 0738205729

How To Talk To You Children About AIDS, SIECUS, 1994:

How You Were Born, Joanna Cole, Morrow William & Co., 1994: ISBN: 068812061X

Itís Perfectly Normal: Growing Up, Changing Bodies, Sex and Sexual Health, Robie Harris, Candlewick Press, 1996: ISBN: 1564021599

Itís So Amazing: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies & Families, Robie Harris, Candlewick Press, 2002: ISBN: 0763613215

Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling. Futterman and Ryan. Columbia University Press, 1998: ISBN: 0231111916

My Body, My Self For Boys: The Whatís Happening To My Body Workbook. Lynda Madaras and Area Madaras. Newmarket Press; 2000 ISBN: 1557044406

My Body, My Self For Girls: The Whatís Happening To My Body Workbook. Lynda Madaras and Area Madaras. Newmarket Press; 2000 ISBN: 1557044406

Now What Do I Do? Robert Selverstone, SIECUS, 1996

Out With It: Gay and Straight Teens Write About Homosexuality. Fell, Paul Cartoons, 1996 ISBN: 0966125606

Period. JoAnn Loulan, Bonnie Lopez and Bonnie Worthen Book Peddlers, 2001 ISBN: 0916773965

Raising Sexually healthy Students: A Loving Guide For Parents, Teachers and Caregivers. Lynn height. Morrow, William & Co., 1990. ISBN: 0380708574

Sex & Sensibility: The Thinking Parentís Guide to Talking About Sex. Deborah Roffman. Perseus Press, 2001. ISBN: 0738205206

Sex Education Dictionary for Todayís Teens and Pre-Teens. Dean Hoch & Nancy Hoch. Landmoark Publishers, 1990 ISBN: 0962420905

Sex Stuff For Kids 7 Ė 17. Carole Marsh. Gallopade Publishing Group, 1997 ISBN: 0793368901

Sexual Development for Young Kids Virginia Lively & Edwin Lively. Delmar Thompson Learning 1991: ISBN: 0827341989

Ten Talks Parents Must Have With their Students About Sex And Character. Pepper Schwartz, Dominic Cappello. Hyperion Press, 2000 ISBN: 0786885483

Two Teenagers In Twenty: Writings By Gay and Lesbian Youth. Ann Heron. Alyson Publications, 1995 ISBN: 1555832822

Whatís Happening To My Body? A Book For Gils: A Growing Up Guide For Parents And Daughters. Lynda Madaras. Newmarket Press, 2000. ISBN: 1557044449

Whatís The Big Secret? Talking About Sex With Girls And Boys. Laurie KrasoyBrown Little, Brown and Company, 2000. ISBN: 0316101834

When Sex Is The Subject: Attitudes and Answers For Young Students. Pamela Wilson. ETR Associates, 1991. ISBN: 1560710640

Where Do babies Come From? Susan Meredith & Susan Mayes. EDC Publishing, 1991. ISBN: 074600690

Videos for Parents and Their Students
Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health. Family health Communications, 1997

Talking About Sex: A Guide For Families. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 1996.


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