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Planned Parenthood Arizona is working with a growing group of other Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country to implement standardized electronic medical records. The goals of the project are to improve quality of care, efficiency, and to provide better service to our patients. As you read this, the first major milestone in this transition is being achieved as we move to the new NextGen Enterprise Practice Management system. NextGen will ensure that our patients and the staff who serve them will be supported by a more reliable, faster and easier computer network.

In the summer of 2010, Planned Parenthood Arizona will roll out Electronic Medical Records to all 19 health centers across the state.
“Going Digital” has been important to Planned Parenthood for many years, as demonstrated by the explosive growth of our Planned Parenthood Online website and nearly 700 monthly online appointment requests our health centers receive through the site. Moving to NextGen and electronic medical records will increase the range and efficiency of services we’re able to offer.

Going electronic will transform the way our health centers operate. Full medical information on a patient can be available at any site she or he visits. Customer service improvements such as secure access to medical information on lab test results become more practical. Smart templates will guide clinicians in the health centers and quality audits can be done for all patients on demand. And because of our standardization with other Planned Parenthood affiliates, we’ll be working together on best practice implementation which will lead to better patient and data management, quality, and efficiency benchmarks.

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