Get Yourself Talking, Get Yourself Tested

April is the perfect month to get tested...we're offering special discounts. It's time to talk to your partner. It's time to get tested.

GYT is a national campaign partnership between Planned Parenthood, MTV, Kaiser Family Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control.
The CDC’s study three years ago revealed that 1 in 4 teenage girls have a Sexually Transmitted Disease, many may not even be aware they have an infection. The fact is that more teenagers are becoming sexually active without accessing all of the information on how to protect themselves. Another concerning statistic from the study is that 1 in 2 African-American teenage girls have an STD.
Protecting yourself when you are sexually active isn’t just about preventing an unplanned pregnancy, it is about keeping yourself healthy. STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia don’t always have symptoms. So, if you are sexually active, make it part of your annual health check-up to get tested for STDs.
April is the perfect time to start this habit of good prevention! Planned Parenthood Arizona will be offering discounted STD testing during the month - $10 off a Chlamydia/gonorrhea combo test and $20 off a full STD screening.
Click here to print the coupon for the discount. Certain restrictions apply.*  

To make an appointment today, call 602.277.PLAN (7526) if you live in the Phoenix area, 520.408. PLAN (7526) if you live in Tucson, or toll free 855.207.PLAN (7526) from anywhere in Arizona.
We take most major health insurance and affordable pricing for uninsured or underinsured patients, so when you call, consider also making an appointment for your annual exam or, if you are a woman, ask about HOPE (a birth control consult without a pelvic exam).
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*Please note, this discount is available to self-paying patients. Those patients with health insurance will have to adhere to their co-pay or any normal costs associated with their health insurance policy. Other restrictions are provided on the provided coupon.

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