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You choose Planned Parenthood. Here is a list of actions you can take to tell others why you want to be able to continue to choose Planned Parenthood as your health care provider. Feel free to do one, three or even all of the activities.

1.       Contact your legislator. Email or call your legislator and let he or she know that you are watching the attacks and the attempts to defund Planned Parenthood nationally and you do not want the same thing to happen in Arizona. You choose Planned Parenthood, along with thousands of other Arizonans. To find your legislator, click here. Or, if you know your legislator and need his or her contact information, click here.


2.  Did you join us at the Arizona State Capitol on January 9, 2012? Planned Parenthood Arizona and other organizations that support women's health issues were in the quad in front of the State Capitol to let legislators know that Women are Watching. Go to our Facebook page - -  to see photos from the event. While you're there, give us a big thumbs up and start following us on Facebook.

3.       Join the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Network (PPAN). Get up-to-date information on candidates, legislative bills and other relevant information as a part of PPAN. Click here to sign up.

4.       Make a donation. You can make a financial contribution to support the work of Planned Parenthood Arizona and its preventive health services to men, women and teens. You can also make a non-tax-deductible donation to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona by becoming a member and help support candidates who will help fight for reproductive health issues. To make a donation to Planned Parenthood –

5.       Share your story…and/or a photo. One in five American women have gone to Planned Parenthood for her health care services or information. Share your Planned Parenthood story at and tell us why you are proud to say, “I Choose Planned Parenthood.” You can also send us a photo; click here for an “I Choose Planned Parenthood” sign to print out for your photo. Go to the Planned Parenthood Arizona YouTube Channel to see stories that have already been shared.  

6.       Follow Planned Parenthood on Facebook and Twitter. Get the latest news on Facebook – plannedparenthoodaz – and on Twitter - PPArizona


7.       Share and Retweet on Facebook and Twitter. Now that you follow us and like us, retweet and share information with those in your circle to help educate others on the issues. Take a look at #2 above so you can join in our rally virtually.

8.       Write a blog. If you have a blog on Wordpress or Blogger, share why you choose Planned Parenthood and would continue to like to have that choice. And, if you want to continue the dialogue on your blog, we have a blog that may inspire you –
9.       Share the issues with your book club, or start a pro-choice book club. We have a list of recommended readings for pro-choice book clubs, helping to foster the conversation around a woman’s right to make her own health decisions. Click here to view the recommended reading list.
10.       Register to vote. As a voter you have a voice. If you aren’t registered, now is the perfect time. Click here to register. If you registered, go to #2 on the list.
11.   Sign up as a Permanent Early Voter.  You can ensure you never miss an opportunity to cast your vote and your voice. When you become an Early Permanent Voter, your ballots are sent to your home. It’s easy to sign up and it makes voting even easier. Go here to sign up.

12.   Share this list with those you know and ask them to take action. 

Don Bevens - candidate
*NEW* - Take a look at some of our current and former state elected officials who choose Planned Parenthood and shared it with their local newspapers.
December 3, 2011 - Former State Representative Theresa Ulmer in The Yuma Sun
December 4, 2011 - State Representatives Ben Arredondo and Ed Ableser in The East Valley Tribune
December 7, 2011 - Former State Representative Pat Fleming in The Willcox Range News
December 8, 2011 - Former State Representative Jackie Thrasher in The Glendale Star

Nancy Marshall, supporter - Planned Parenthood Arizona YouTube
*NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO* Nancy Marshall, supporter and friend of Planned Parenthood Arizona, shared why she chooses Planned Parenthood.


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