Candidate Training Program

If you have ever considered running for office, Planned Parenthood would like to meet you!  

Program Purpose

The Candidate Training Program, a six-session training series, is designed to provide progressive leaders preparing to run for an elected office with the knowledge, tools, methodology approaches and networks necessary to run a successful campaign.  This program is coordinated in concert with our partners/co-sponsors, The Center for Progressive Leadership and The Arizona Education Association.

Core Program Goals

1.  Participants will understand what it takes to personally, professionally and financially run for office and be able to determine the appropriate election year for their candidacy based on this criteria.
2.  Participants will have a foundation of skills to support their progressive political leadership, including:
          a. Fundraising
          b. Message Development & Delivery
          c. Campaign Planning
          d. Policy Leadership
3.  Participants will be self-aware, confident and grounded in their leadership.
4.  Participants have a vision of the progressive/pro-choice political change they want to create and can effectively communicate that vision.
5.  Participants have an opportunity to meet and network with current office holders and learn about the real day-to-day job responsibilities of the elected position they are seeking to hold.
6.  Participants have a practical understanding of political power in their communities, including where it comes from, who holds it now and how to gain ownership of it.

Program Design

The Candidate Training Program operates in partnership with our progressive organization partners serving as co-sponsors.  Together we design curriculum and develop the agenda, as well as program elements and training, recruitment, program organization, mentor identification and recruitment, coach identification and recruitment, and training in areas where we are most proficient. 

For more information, view the program flier or contact our Director of Public Policy, at (602) 263-4226 or

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