Celebrating 75 Years in Arizona!

In 2010, we celebrated our 75th year as a nonprofit agency, serving communities in Arizona! It was in the mid 1930s when a group of Tucson women including Margaret Sanger, Mrs. Sherman Wright, Mrs. Hubert d’Autremont, Mrs. Benson Bloom (Christina Johnson), Mrs. Lawrence Gray, Mrs. Guerin Wilson, Mrs. George Dittman, Mrs. J. Harold Bradley, Mrs. G. Barrett, Mrs. John Smith and Mrs. Roland Davidson opened the Clinica para Madres in Tucson. At the same times, inspired by a speech given by Margaret Sanger in Phoenix, Mrs. Barry Goldwater, Mrs. H.T. Cuthbert, Mrs. Waltern Bimson, Mrs. Dwight B. Heard and Mrs. John Adams Rockwell took immediate action and began to raise funds to open the Phoenix Mother's Health Clinic. The doors of these early Arizona clinics were opened to provide women (only married women at the time mind you) with family planning counseling services.

Over the past 75 years, Planned Parenthood Arizona has grown our operations into the largest statewide sexual health nonprofit organization with health centers located in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, Tucson and Yuma. Planned Parenthood has continued providing high quality confidential health care and education for four generations of Arizona families, and we desire to serve many more generations to come.

Throughout 2010, we observed and celebrated 75 years of quality, compassionate health care services, sexuality education and social justice advocacy. The anniversary commemoration highlighted the achievements of Planned Parenthood Arizona, celebrated our growth and successes, and brought the Planned Parenthood community together in a series of activities and events that begin in January and end in December. Thank you to all of our supporters and friends!


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