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Tools to help you understand the health care law


Enrollment is closed until November 15, 2014. 


The Kaiser Foundation offers a Subsidy Calculator, which based on the information you enter, will give you an estimate of what you may be paying in the Marketplace as well as what you may get back as a subsidy for enrolling.

Planned Parenthood has a website dedicated to providing resources and information about the health care law. 

The Marketplace, where you go to enroll in health plans.


Documents for Download

ACA & Planned Parenthood Information Map: A summary of the insurance basics, eligibility, enrollment process, costs, and how Planned Parenthood can help. 

The Enrollment Checklist:  Print this out to keep track of what you need to enroll in the Marketplace.  You can even check the boxes as you collect your materials. Then, whether you enroll with us at one of our Enrollment Sessions or do it on your own, you will be prepared. 

A summary of the ACA put together by our staff!











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