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 Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us!

Before starting any project, volunteers must submit an application and a copy of their resume. Then, they will be contacted for an interview and invited to attend a volunteer orientation. Some volunteer positions may require extra training. We do work with teen volunteers, as long as they have guardian/parent permission. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for paperwork related to minors volunteering.

Community Outreach Teams:
Planned Parenthood often attends various community events and festivals where we share knowledge with the public about our services and programs. We always need volunteers to help staff these booths! Its the perfect position for someone looking for a more flexible volunteer position. Day, evening and weekend shifts are available, although the majority of events fall on weekends.

Political Activism & Advocacy:
Utah politics matter. To protect and expand access to reproductive healthcare services in our state, our voices must be heard in local politics. Planned Parenthood Action Council of Utah (PPAC), our c4 lobbying organization, relies on volunteers to lobby, educate, advocate, and help endorse candidates. From canvassing for pro-women’s health candidates to lobbying against bad bills, you can make a difference by advocating for policies that directly affect Utahans. Shifts include week days, weekends, and evenings, and the time commitment is flexible.

Administrative Office Help:
We also need a few volunteers willing to help with tasks at our Salt Lake office such as making safe sex kits and pins, and preparing community outreach material. Another great position for someone looking for flexible hours, especially during the day time.

Education Department Volunteering:
Volunteers in our education department work with a variety of programs including: presenting healthy relationships material at a youth detention facility; presenting material on healthy sexuality at a women's jail; and participating in our Teen Council, Teen Outreach Program, and Teen Success groups. These positions require more volunteer hours per month and have a set schedule.

Contact our volunteer coordinator at 801-521-2747 or email



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