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Free HPV Vaccine

HPV_page_image.jpgThe HPV vaccine can prevent some kinds of cervical cancer and genital warts. It is safe and effective, whether or not you are sexually active. If you are a woman between 19 and 26, the HPV vaccine is FREE at UHPP's health centers. Tell everyone!

Click here to see our locations and contact info, or to request an appointment online and get scheduled for your free HPV vaccine right away.

What is HPV?
HPV is human papillomavirus and there are more than 100 types. It is so common that three out of four people will have it at some point in their lives. About 40 types of HPV can infect the genital area and can cause genital warts and may cause cell change that can cause cervical cancer. However, most HPV infections are harmless and go away on their own.

How is HPV spread?
Sexual activity involving skin to skin genital contact with any infected area can spread HPV. People who show no signs or symptoms can pass the virus without knowing. To read more about HPV risks, click here.

Who should get the vaccine?
The FDA has approved the HPV vaccine for girls and women from age nine to 26. Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood offers the FREE HPV vaccine from age 19 to 25. You should get the vaccine even if you have already been sexually active.



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Free HPV Vaccine