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Upper Hudson

Comments from Previous Interns

  • "Interning with Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood opened my eyes to the world of reproductive health care, sexuality education, and advocacy. The issues, topics, and legislation surrounding reproductive health care are so pertinent to my life, prevalent in society, and important to each and every human being on the planet. UHPP engendered an activist out of me and now I am more involved in my community and current affairs than ever. UHPP introduced me to advocacy, active constituency and lobbying with legislature. The staff at UHPP are so vibrant, charismatic, and intelligent. They all have strong integrity and dynamics. There is no better environment to work in. At UHPP, your efforts, ideas, and opinions will be respected and taken into account. UHPP is a very diverse community and will broaden your spectrum of thinking. If you intern with UHPP, you will gain important knowledge and great experiences working on and attending many different campaigns, projects, and events. My internship with UHPP went far above and beyond my expectations."

    -----Gregory Duckoff, S.U.N.Y. Albany Junior, Communication Major, Interned with the Public Relations/Marketing/Public Affairs Departments.

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood. The experience met and exceeded my expectations of what the internship would be. It gave me the opportunity to learn how such an integral community organization successfully functions, and just how much energy, compassion, and commitment is put forth by each and every member of the agency to ensure that success. This internship was educational, fun, and, most importantly, inspiring. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a strong interest in women's reproductive health issues, and wants to see hope and freedom in action everyday."

    ----Allie Fitz, Class of 2008 at S.U.N.Y. Albany, Psychology Major, Interned with the Public Affairs Department

  • "My favorite part of interning with Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood was meeting and working with inspirational pro-choice warriors. Being an intern has opened my eyes to another world of people willing to fight to keep our reproductive rights available to everyone. Through UHPP, I have met people that fought to bring legislation for abortion rights and were advocating when Roe vs. Wade was put into effect. It's an amazing enlightening experience and I recommend every young woman to intern and gain the knowledge that I have received through this program. It's a vital part of everyone's education, not just for women, to know the dangers of losing their rights. And to be able to stand right there with these amazing pro-choice advocates on the front line is an experience I will remember for a lifetime and carry with me everyday."

    ----Heidi Sickles, Class of 2008 at The College of Saint Rose, VOX Grassroots Campus Organizing Intern
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Comments from Previous Interns