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80th Celebrations!

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80 years ago, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood first opened its doors as Dr. Frances Vosburgh’s Albany Mother’s Health Center at 214 State Street. Dr. Vosburgh volunteered to hold birth control clinics supported by contributions from the Albany Birth Control Committee. This selfless pioneer took great risks to ensure quality care for women and children.

Because of you, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood continues to thrive. 80 years later, thousands of local women, men and teens have taken charge of their reproductive health and live in healthy families and healthy communities. What a tremendous legacy!

Our goal is for 800 people to join us in celebrating UHPP’s 80th anniversary. Please renew your commitment to exceptional services and honest education today!

Your leadership will ensure that women, men and teens continue to get the critical care they need, no matter what. Thank you!



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Upcoming Events