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Did you know that one out of every three teenage girls in the U.S. gets pregnant? Or that half of those newly diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. are ages 15-24? You’re a Planned Parenthood supporter, so maybe you knew. When I learned last year, wow, was I shocked!



The good news is your donations ensure Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood provides local women, men and teens amazing care, no matter what! When you give, a patient who can’t afford to pay gets confidential and compassionate care. And a team of experts in sex, sexuality and healthy relationships educates and answers questions in classrooms and weekly teen clinics.

To donate, please select Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood to give 100% of your gift locally. 

UHPP’s sex education curriculum is proven to prevent teen pregnancies and lower sexually transmitted infection rates. That’s powerful, and your continued support makes all the difference!

Youth Health Promoters like me get great work experience and help UHPP’s Education team shape programming for local teens. We go wherever our friends and classmates hang out, including downtown Albany, community-based organizations, World AIDS Day and other important events. We create original social media content and podcasts. We even wrote and recorded a radio ad encouraging teens to use the In Case You’re Curious (ICYC) text-chat program. My friends and I text very personal questions and get great answers fast!



I’m often asked if it matters whether young people volunteer and work with Planned Parenthood. I know it does.

You and I know young people have questions about relationships, sex and sexuality. But they don’t always know where to get the right answers. Asking uninformed friends or looking online can lead to misinformation. Even our parents and teachers can feel uncomfortable or unsure.

But if young people ask someone like me, they get the right answers. I also tell them about Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood’s health and education services, and where to find accurate information online. When my friends tell me they’re being responsible, I’m so proud of them and of my work with Planned Parenthood!

Thanks to you, UHPP has reached thousands of young people by teaching me. My friends and family say I’m friendly, talkative and persuasive. I’m also one in a family of eight children. Together we know a lot of people!

Sharing the great information I’ve learned is like dropping a pebble in a pond. The ripples create change. And I’m determined to keep making a difference.

Please join me in making a difference by continuing to support Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood! Make the most generous donation you can today! My friends and I need you and appreciate you!

Thank you, and Happy Holidays! Blenchorne “Blinky” Lawrence

To donate, please select Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood to give 100% of your gift locally.


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Did You Know?