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What services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of family planning and sexual health services, for both men and women, including all forms of birth control, annual exams for women, breast and cervical cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing, urinary tract and yeast infections, vasectomy counseling, abortion, and more.

What hours are you open?

Check out our hours and locations page. You can walk-in for some services at our Ashland,  Grants Pass and Florence locations.  Call before coming by to make sure we are open and can see you 541-344-9411 or 800-230-PLAN. For our Eugene-Springfield and West Eugene Health Centers, please call to make an appointment in advance.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We can often schedule an appointment for you on the same day you call. Some appointments take longer to schedule,  We also have walk-in services at our Ashland,  Grants Pass and Florence locations. Call the health center that is most convenient for you for more information. 

Why do I have to visit a health center to get birth control?

To make sure the birth control method you choose is safe for you, we need to review your medical history and also check your blood pressure before any hormonal method of birth control can be prescribed.

Do I need to have a pelvic exam to get birth control?

No, you do not need to have a pelvic exam or Pap test to get birth control at our clinics (except at our Grants Pass and Medford Health Centers, which are Title X funded)

Do I have to be 18 to get birth control? Is it confidential?

In Oregon, minors can receive contraceptives, infection testing and treatment, and HIV testing and treatment without the consent of their parents. All of our services are completely confidential.  Minors age 15 and above can access abortion services without consent of their parents, although we recommend talking with your parents if that is possible.

Can I get a pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood?

Yes. We offer free pregnancy testing at all of our health centers.  You can walk in for a free pregnancy test at our Ashland, Florence, Cottage Grove, and Grants Pass Health Centers.  Please call for an appointment for our West Eugene and Eugene-Springfield Health Centers 541-344-9411 or 800-230-PLAN.

What do I do if I am pregnant?

We have trained staff who can give objective information about all of your options and provide the support necessary for you to make your personal and private decision. This service is confidential and free of charge. Please call 541-344-9411 or 800-230-PLAN if you need assistance.

Does Planned Parenthood have services for men?

Yes. Planned Parenthood offers services for men including screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, counseling and testing for HIV, condoms, and counseling and referrals for free or low-cost vasectomy.

What will my visit cost?

Planned Parenthood is committed to providing high quality healthcare at affordable prices. The cost of your visit will depend on the services you require.  We take insurance and, in most cases, we take Oregon Health Plan (OHP).  Many women in Oregon qualify for free birth control through CCare.  At our Medford and Grants Pass Health Center, Title X funding allows us to provide services on a sliding scale. Click for more info about these payment options.

Do you take health insurance?

We welcome health insurance.  We are in-network providers for Cigna, MODA, PacificSource, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lifewise and First Choice Health.  We are happy to bill other insurance providers directly, but we will be considered out-of-network.  We are working on contracts with additional insurance companies—check back soon for more insurance plans.

Do you accept Oregon Health Plan coverage?

Anyone with an Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid card can come to Planned Parenthood for the full range of family planning services. Click to learn more.

Do I have to bring in a photo ID?

If you qualify for CCARE, you will need to bring in both proof of citizenship and a photo ID (passport or a driver's license and birth certificate) and your Social Security number.  If you are 19 or younger, you do not need to have a social security number or passport.

Please note: the photo ID requirement applies only if you are seeking to qualify for free services. If you have private insurance or are paying out of pocket, no photo ID is needed.

Do you offer HPV/cervical cancer vaccine?

Yes, we offer HPV vaccine (Gardasil) to protect against cervical cancer and genital warts. It is available for men and women, and is recommended for everyone under the age of 26.  Call to make an appointment 541-344-9411 or 800-230-PLAN.

Can I get free condoms?

We have free condoms at all of our health centers whenever we are open.  Please stop by during health center hours to pick up a free dozen condoms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions