Planned Parenthood

Southern Finger Lakes

Mobilize Your Friends

If every pro-choice person wrote or called their state and federal reps, imagine the mountains we'd move!

  • Educate your friends. Tell them why you're worried about the future of choice. Let them know why this is so important to you, and invite them to join the Planned Parenthood Action Network. Let them know about the Bush administration's war on choice and ask them to get involved however they can.
  • Tell a friend. Each time you respond to a Planned Parenthood Action Network alert, use our "Tell a friend" feature. "Tell a friend" will send an invitation to join PPAN - it will NOT automatically add them to the list.
  • Have a house party for your pro-choice friends. Invite a Planned Parenthood volunteer to your book club or pizza party to talk about a hot issue, and provide stationery for people to write letters to their legislators on the spot! To set up an event, email one of our Public Affairs Director at
  • Host a movie night. Planned Parenthood has videos available for activist events. Contact us for more information at
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Mobilize Your Friends