Planned Parenthood

Six Rivers


The 1970's1975 - Received funding from the State Office of Family Planning and rented a building on E Street in Henderson Center. Hired a core staff and trained volunteers, Planned Parenthood Association of Humboldt County was incorporated and formed its first Board of Directors.
May 1976 - Offered our first family planning clinic with daily pregnancy testing & counseling, and treatment of sexually transmitted disease & urinary tract infections.
September 1977 - Started Education Department with federal family planning funding. Hired an Information & Education Director and two health educators who taught a 5 to 15 day family life sex education course in local high schools. Also began training high school teachers to take over the teaching so we could introduce programs in the junior high schools. From 1979-1982, a sexuality education program was developed for the disabled. The 1980s saw the development of young adult and parent education programs.
August 1978 - Began vasectomy program with education and counseling by trained, male volunteers at our facility. The operation itself was performed by local physicians in their offices.
October 1979 - Began offering first trimester abortion services.

The 1980'sApril 1981 - Began offering tubal ligation for low and moderate income women. Counseling and education done at Planned Parenthood and procedure performed at General Hospital.
July 1984 - Expanded family planning services to Trinity County. Offered weekly in Weaverville and twice monthly in Hayfork. Expanded our education program into Trinity and Del Norte Counties. In 1985, a part-time educator was hired in Trinity County.
March 1986 - Began offering cancer screening services for low income women who aren't necessarily of child-bearing age. Changed name to Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.
August 1988 - Began performing tubal ligations in our own clinic, one of only two clinics in California which did this procedure in house at the time.
June 1989 - Began doing HIV testing and counseling.

The 1990'sJuly 1990 - Began our drop-in, full-service Teens Only Clinic.
February 1991 - Began offering male services, stressing STD diagnosis and screening.
1992 - Began the ENABL (Education Now and Babies Later) peer education program in Humboldt County Schools.
1993 - Expanded our Weaverville Clinic and moved to a new site. Moved to a new site in Hayfork.
1993 - Started Norplant services at the Eureka clinic and began offering monthly menopause workshops. Began offering Depo-Provera.
January 1994 - Began offering pregnancy testing/counseling on Alps View High School campus in Weaverville. In 1995 began offering annual exams/STI treatments on Alps View campus.
1995 There were 10,085 Patient Visits and an agency income of $927,048
August 1996 - Construction and renovation of Eureka site. Discontinued doing in-house tubal ligations due to low patient volume.
1997 Family PACT funding began in California. Began offering vasectomy services at the Eureka clinic. Started a male only walk-in clinic.
July 1998 Opened Teen Clinic in McKinleyville. BCEDP breast cancer educational outreach in Weaverville.
March 1998 Opened Walk-In Medical Services for All Ages
1998 Spare Change theater group kicks off with performances throughout Humboldt County.
1998 Experimented with Men-Only Clinic, and decided to integrate men into birth control clinics due to low patient volume.
1998 Began offering Lunelle contraceptive injections
1999 Began offering colposcopy services. Began offering RN Clinics for birth control services.
1999 Discontinued McKinleyville Teens Only Clinic due to low patient volume.

The 2000's2000 Began T.R.I.P.P. (Teens Responsible in Pregnancy Prevention) services (one-on-one case management, educational groups, and clinic services) funded by TRP Grant from Title X. Began using Health Pro Solutions Practice Management System. Started offering Counseling Services with MFT Student.
2000 Began HOPE (Hormones Optional Physical Exam), so women could get birth control without a required physical exam.
2000 There were 13,329 Patient Visits and an agency income of $1,776,660.
December 2001 TRIPP program discontinued by Title X.
January 2002 Began Medical Outreach program, Takin' It To The Streets, funded by Youth Health Initiative of Title X.
May 2002 - Discontinued Counseling Program as MFT Student graduated.
May 2002 Implemented sonograms and Medication Abortion services. Began offering NuvaRing and Evra Patch contraception.
2002 Began a Capital Campaign to build a larger medical and health education center.
July 2003 Began offering colposcopy in Weaverville Clinic.
2003 There were 16,625 Patient Visits and an agency income of $2,095,859.
2004 Expanded Weaverville Clinic Hours to a second day. Discontinued Hayfork Clinic due to low patient volume. Discontinued Walk-In Clinic model of services, began offering Same-Day appointments.
October 2005 Began offering FemCap contraception.
2006 Reached our $2.3 million Capital Campaign goal and began construction on our new clinic and education facility. Moved into new digs, 3225 Timber Fall Court in Eureka.
2006 Moved to a new clinic site in Weaverville after existing site was flood damaged. Weaverville site damaged by car, closed for repair and re-opened in January 2007.
July 2007 Began offering HIV testing which brings more men into the clinic. Began expansion of abortion, colposcopy, vasectomy clinics.
December 2007- Our esteemed CEO, Tina Mackenzie, retires after a glorious run of 15 years.
2008 Extended upper date range for abortion services, surgical abortion extended to 13 weeks and Medication Abortion extended to 9 weeks. Began offering AB patients the option of having an IUD inserted right after surgical abortion.
2009 Began offering HPV vaccine (Gardisil) at no cost. Started offering Implanon, a long term form of birth control. Started Birth Control Refill Line, to make it easier for patients to refill prescriptions.
2009 Teen Success Program in Del Norte starts. Offers support and education for teen mothers who want to maintain their family size and finish high school. Expand Medical Outreach to Hoopa.

The 2010'sAugust 2010 Debbe Hartridge retires after 19 years as Director of Education.
2010 Discontinue Outreach in Hoopa due to low patient volume and begin Medical Outreach in Del Norte.
2010 - Began offering Online Appointment Requests through our new and improved website.
2010 There were 20,320 patient visits and an agency income of $3,126,371.
2011 Implemented Electronic Health Records.
2011 Began offering ESSURE sterilization services for women.
2011 Entered into a research project with UCSF to train advanced practice clinicians to perform aspiration abortions
2011 Raised $165,000 from community donors for education programs after the loss of the Community Challenge Grant
2011 State Information & Education Grant serves Del Norte County only
2011 - Medical Outreach Services to Del Norte County conclude
2011 Weaverville clinic site closes due to rising costs and low patient volume.

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