Planned Parenthood

Six Rivers

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Q. Will there be protesters outside Planned Parenthood? A. We often have protesters, but not always. When we do have protesters, they are not allowed to enter our property so you cannot see them from the health center.
Q: Why are there protesters outside Planned Parenthood? A: The protesters believe that Planned Parenthood's mission to provide women with affordable health care and the full range of reproductive health care options is wrong.
Q: What can the protesters do? A: They can carry signs and approach you to offer you pamphlets or try to talk to you. They are not allowed to touch you or block your way into the clinic or the parking lot. You do not have to talk to them or take their literature. The safest strategy is to ignore them.
Q: Can you make the protesters leave? A. As long as the protesters do not break the law they have a right to protest. We monitor the protesters carefully and are in regular contact with law enforcement. If you feel a protester has acted inappropriately, please let us know immediately.

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Security Information