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iCare - Making the Connection

Introducing iCare!
iCare is an electronic health records system that will make your information more complete and available to your provider.

Eliminate the paper file!
All of your information will be stored electronically in one system. This means youll have fewer forms and fewer questions from us at each succeeding visit.

Information, right now!
Your provider can quickly review your records to check tests, allergies and treatments.

Faster results to you!
Test results will automatically be added to your record. This will enhance our ability to provide feedback. Of course, no news is good news " well only contact you if your results are abnormal.

Call 1-888-898-3806 for an appointment.

How does iCare work?
Well have counseling and exam rooms outfitted with computers. While we talk with you, well be able to enter the information about your visit directly into our computer system. This way, your records will always be up-to-date and available at all five of our health centers.

What information is in iCare?
All of your past and current medical information, such as exam results, tests and medications, will be available to your caregiver.

What do I need to do?
Nothing! Once weve verified your identity, well ask a few questions to make sure all of our information is current and double-check the reason for your visit with us today.

Will my information be safe?
Yes! Only authorized staff members will be allowed to access your records. And, they will only be able to see the information they need to provide you with your services.

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iCare - Making the Connection