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Child Birth Preparation Classes

We're Here to Help you Prepare!

PPRM provides a superior and non-judgmental birthing class experience at an affordable price! Our highly trained instructors provide current information on the full range of maternity care options to families of all ages, sizes, and sexual orientations. We welcome thosewho aremaking an adoption plan as well asthose who are planning to parent, and we encourage all women and families to play an active role in their care.

Currently, we offer two different types of Child Birth Preparation classes: Express Classes held on a single Saturday, and a 4-Week Seriesheld in the evening over a period of 4 weeks. All of our classes are designed for women in the third trimester of theirpregnancies (wesuggest thatyoucomplete your class by your 37th week), but all pregnant womenare welcome to attend.We encourage mothers to bring a support person with them when possible. Labor support can help make birth healthier, safer, and more comfortable, and may be provided by the mother's partner, a family member, or a friend. A labor support person can benefit from knowing what to expect when the mother goes into labor and how to assist in that process. Women who do not have labor support are also encouraged to attend. Our classes welcome all family structures.

Register Online

Our Child Birth Preparationclasses are affordable and provide an exceptional experience. If you would like to register for a class or find out our class schedule, please visit our registration form. For more information, pleasee-mail or call 303.813.7716.

Express Classes

In an Express Birthing Class you will learn:

  • What happens in your body during labor and delivery
  • What kinds of emotions you might experience during different parts of labor
  • What medical procedures are common during labor
  • The benefits, risks, and alternatives to those procedures and how to make informed choices about them
  • Comfort techniques to manage labor pain
  • What your birth partner can do to help

4-Week Series

The 4-week series includes all of the information from the express class, plus:

  • What your newborn looks like and needs immediately after birth
  • What kinds of procedures are routinely practiced on babies in the hospital
  • The benefits, risks, and alternatives to those procedures and how to make informed choices about them
  • The basics of breastfeeding
  • What to expect and how to care for yourself postpartum

All of our Child Birth Preparation classes are leadby instructorstrained by CAPPA, a national childbirth organization. We are committed to preparing you with the most current information and relevant skills so you feel confident and in control during your birth experience.

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Child Birth Preparation Classes