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Teen Success has a 10-year history of supporting pregnant and parenting young women and encouraging them to maintain their family size, complete their education and develop future goals. Emphasis is placed on communication, education, skills development, and problem solving to give teen mothers the guidance and encouragement they need to set goals and realize their dreams. In the ten years Teen Success has been in operation, 96% of participants have not become pregnant again, and more than one in four has continued her education beyond high school.

Weekly meetings follow the same basic agenda each week; arrival, snack, check-in, activity, closing.Members are expected to arrive on time and participate. Each member receives a stipend of $10.00/week to cover transportation costs. If after 6 months a member has attended all the meetings and followed the contract, she will receive a $100.00 bonus. Childcare will also be provided free of charge.

Who does Teen Success Serve and What are Members Expected to Do? Teen Success targets pregnant and parentingwomen 12-18 years of age. Members are expected to:

  • Maintain their current family size
  • Remain (or enroll) in school
  • Attend all meetings
  • Commit to at least one year of participation (2-hour weekly meetings)
  • Follow group rules about attendance, behavior, sharing and supporting other members
  • Effectively practice birth control
  • Set future goals and work towards accomplishing these goals

Teen Success participants:

  • Learn information, skills, and behaviors to prevent an additional pregnancy,
  • Improve ability to cope with the challenges of parenthood and adolescence,
  • Develop skills to build better relationships,
  • Receive encouragement to successfully finish education.

To learn more about Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest's Teen Success Program, please contact our office by location:

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Teen Success