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Community Education and Outreach

Community Education and Outreach

Planned Parenthood partners with more than 100 community organizations, colleges, resource centers, and other diverse groups through tabling events and one-on-one visits. We also provide targeted outreach to at-risk communities, including cervical and breast cancer education and prevention outreach to local Vietnamese women.

Our innovative health education programs teach young people to make healthy decisions, and train teachers, parents, professionals, and caregivers how to have honest discussions with the young people in their lives.

The following education sessions provide interactive, culturally appropriate information that encourages young people to make informed decisions about their health. A variety of topics address the different needs of youth and young adults, and can be offered in classrooms or in community settings.

Planned Parenthood Services
An overview of services and resources provided by Planned Parenthood, including services provided at local health centers, our advocacy work supporting access to reproductive health and comprehensive sex education, WIC nutrition services, and community education workshops, trainings, and hotlines.

Birth Control Methods
From abstinence to IUDs to emergency contraception, learn about the most recent list of FDA-approved contraceptive methods and provides a comprehensive educational approach to preventing teen pregnancy. This session is supplemented with birth control models and condom demonstrations.

Anatomy & Physiology
Find out whats normal from infancy through adolescence and beyond. Learn proper terminology, development of reproductive anatomy and physiology, and the changes that occur through different life stages.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
How common are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? Whats common for certain age groups? How are STIs transmitted, treated, and prevented? Find out the answers to these and more of the most commonly asked questions about STIs. This session is supplemented with several classroom activities to demonstrate how easily an infection can be transmitted.

A lot happens during puberty. This session teaches pre-adolescents about the physical changes, including the functions of the organs that make up the male and female reproductive system, and discusses the connection between puberty and reproduction, the emotional changes experienced by males and females during this time, and the appropriate products and strategies for maintaining healthy personal hygiene.

Healthy Relationships
Examine the essential components of relationships, learn what constitutes a healthy relationship, find out about unhealthy trends amongst dating youth, and build skills to self-identify and prevent violence within relationships and facilitate discussions about healthy relationships.

Learn to identify the different characteristics of bullies and their victims. This session addresses physical, verbal, and cyber-bullying and what to do if youre victim.

Safe Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google... todays teens are constantly connected, but at what cost? This session explores the risks and benefits of teens technology use, including the use of social networking and dangers of sexting, and teaches young people how to be safer and smarter about using technology.

Teen Parent Support Group
Teen parents have unique needs. This session empowers teen parents to prevent additional unintended pregnancies by providing tools and information about the reproductive system, pregnancy, birth control methods, and communication skills, as well as reproductive health and educational services available through FPACT and Planned Parenthood health centers.

Breast Health
This information-based discussion promotes early detection and treatment of breast cancer by encouraging women to play an active role in their personal health care. Participants will learn the importance of staying healthy by utilizing the breast self-exam, annual clinical exams, and receiving regular mammograms after age 40.

Invite Planned Parenthood to your next community event or function. Our community coordinators can provide tabling or presentations that teach your clients how to make informed decisions about their health and prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Common events we attend include health, college, and career fairs, and more.

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Community Education and Outreach