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New Hampshire Family Planning Program


The New Hampshire Family Planning Program is your source for free, confidential and convenient family planning services. You can enroll and receive health care services under this plan at any Planned Parenthood health center location New Hampshire, select sites in Vermont, and at any other participating provider in New Hampshire.

Services Include:
Birth Control | STI testing and treatment | Pregnancy testing | Patient Education and counseling | Well Woman Visits

Am I eligible for the New Hampshire Family Planning Program?
You are eligible if:

  • You are a New Hampshire resident
  • You are a U.S. citizen or a qualified Alien
  • You are a woman or man
  • You are not currently pregnant
  • You are not currently enrolled in Medicaid
  • You meet these income requirements below

Take the quiz to see if you meet requirements! 


Income Guidelines

Household Size + 1               Yearly Income

2                                               $31,188 or less
3                                               $39,264 or less
4                                               $47,388 or less
5                                               $55,428 or less
6                                               $63,504 or less
7                                               $71,592 or less
8                                               $79,668 or less

Call 1-866-476-1321 to speak to someone about the NH Family Planning Program or to make an appointment. 

If you qualify, you can get your family planning services FOR FREE at any of these Planned Parenthood health centers: 






West Lebanon 

Call 1-866-476-1321 to make an appointment. 

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New Hampshire Family Planning Program