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The Planned Parenthood of North Florida (PPNF) Education Department provides education on a range of sexual health topics in a variety of educational and community settings.

We reach out to the community to provide medically accurate, fact-based sexual health information about sexual development, healthy relationships, methods of birth control including abstinence, and the importance of accessing and managing good healthcare. By providing this comprehensive, medically accurate information, we support responsible decision-making around sexuality.

In addition to providing direct education, PPNF offers training programs which seek to empower parents, teachers and other professionals to increase conversation about sex and sexuality with the youth they care about.

Educational services for all audiences incorporate up-to-date statistics and health information, and employ interactive teaching strategies. PPNF educators provide classes, workshops, tables of information at health fairs and special events.

Educational Topics

Advocating comprehensive school sex education
Advocating reproductive rights
Contraception/family planning
Delaying intercourse
Healthy relationships
Male responsibility
Media literacy
Parent-child communication
Planned Parenthood
Pregnancy and birth
Pregnancy options
Sexually Transmitted Infections

Types of Organizations We Work With

Elementary, Middle and High Schools
College Campuses Classroom, Dorms, Clubs, Special Events
Social Service Agencies
Faith Communities and Cultural Groups
Businesses and Service Industry Sites
Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Nurses and Other Helping Professionals

To submit an educational program request, download and complete this form and email it to orfaxthe completed formATTN: EDUCATION to (352) 374-6823.

For more information, call (352) 376-9000 or e-mail


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Education and Training