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VOX Student Groups

Through VOX (Voices for Planned Parenthood), college students across the country organize events on campus to raise public awareness about reproductive rights, educate young people about sexual health, work with and support their local Planned Parenthood health centers, and mobilize advocates of reproductive freedom

There's power in the voices of pro-choice students on your campus. When you organize those voices as a VOX group and work together to take action for reproductive health and rights, you have a force that's more powerful than if you work alone. A VOX group also serves as:

Aforum to discuss ideas
An opportunity to learn more about yourself
A fun way to meet new people

If you'd like to start a VOX group on your campus or join a VOX group at UF, FSU or UNF, e-mail us at

Please be sure to include the name of your college, your full mailing address, and a phone number where we can reach you.

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VOX Student Groups