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At Planned Parenthood, we believe it is long past time that everyone had equal and open access to the information and services they need to make conscientious, safe, and responsible decisions about sex and reproduction.

The Planned Parenthood Action Network makes it easy to stay informed about issues affecting family planning, sex education, and reproductive health and freedom in Florida and Washington D.C.

There are over 200,000 activists in Florida;over 18,000are right here in North Florida. Through our Action Network you can help effect change through emails, letters and calls to decision makers from City Hall to the White House.

It's important to know that when Florida legislators are debating or preparing to vote for a bill, most of them check their email while sitting at their desks on the House and Senate floor. Getting a stream of timely and concise email messages and calls before a vote can reinforce a pro-choice legislator or stall one who is anti-choice.

Planned Parenthood Action Network members will also receive invitations to Planned Parenthood of NorthFlorida events and local activities.

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Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network