Planned Parenthood

New York City

Sex Education in Schools

Planned Parenthood of New York City promotescomprehensive sex educationin schools and for school-aged youth as an important way along with parental guidance to help young peoplelead sexually healthy and responsible lives. We:

  • assist schools in developing and delivering medically accurate, age-appropriate sex education curricula.
  • conduct two evidence-basedinterventions, "Making Proud Choices" and "Be Proud, Be Responsible, Be Protective,"to reduce adolescent sexual risk behaviors.
  • bringour "Taking Care of You" workshops to schools and community organizations in the Bronx. These workshopscover topics such as abstinence, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, and many other concerns.
  • offer interactive workshopsby our award-winning peer educators, the Teen Advocates, who educate young people about teens' rights and access to sexual and reproductive health care.
  • offer workshops led by our Adult Role Models community members trained to show parents, teachers, and other trusted adults how to talk with kids about sex in a comfortable and informed way.
  • provide trainings that can help educators to hone their knowledge and skills for teaching about sexual and reproductive health.
  • advocate for funding and legislation to support comprehensive sex education in New York schools.

To bring a workshop for a youth audience to your school, call (212) 274-7263.

To bring a workshop for an adult audience to your school, call (212) 274-7362.

For assistance with sex education curricula or for other inquiries, call (212) 274-7336.


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Sex Education in Schools