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The Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health and Teen Outreach Program (TOP)



Planned Parenthood of Montana is proud to be part of the Northwest Coalition of Adolescent Health (NWCAH), a multi-state coalition dedicated to providing youth development programming to teens in the Northwest.

The Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health (NWCAH) has been awarded $20 million by the Office of Adolescent Health to replicate the Teen Outreach Program (TOP), an evidence based youth development program aimed at reducing teen pregnancy. This funding will allow NWCAH to replicate TOP in 73 targeted sites, in 27 counties across the five NW states that have the highest risk of teen pregnancy.

TOP's foremost goal is to significantly reduce teen pregnancy and additionally: increase the numbers of youth who delay onset of sexual activity; increase the numbers of youth using protection when sexually active; significantly decrease academic course failure and school suspensions; and increase youth's positive attitude towards service and community engagement.

In Montana TOP clubs are open to middle and high school students and are offered in select locations in our health center communities. For more information, please contact Kate at 


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Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health and TOP