Planned Parenthood

Mohawk Hudson

Paying For Your Health Care

Insured... Or not. 
We'll help you get the health care you need.

Affordable Care

We’ll work with you to make your healthcare as affordable as possible.

  • Most insurance plans and Medicaid accepted.
  • Payment plans and a sliding fee scale available.
  • Cash/checks and credit/debit cards accepted.

Insurance and Coverage Options 

  • Need Insurance?
    You can sign up for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and private insurance — at some Planned Parenthood centers. Just call and ask for an “insurance appointment.”

We can help you sign up. Same day coverage.

Many patients qualify for the free Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP). It is insurance that covers birth control, yearly exams, STI testing/treatment and other services – at no cost.

  • You May Qualify
    Single? You can earn up to $26,025*/yr.
    Two person household? You can earn up to $35,078*.
    *Only applicant’s income is counted. Not child support. Not workers’ compensation.
  • Have Insurance?

High Co-Pay or Deductible?
You can use FPBP with your insurance. It will cover your co-pays or deductibles – so your visit is free.

If eligible for FPBP, you could get:
FREE birth control
FREE emergency contraception
FREE STI testing and treatment
FREE yearly exam
as well as
FREE transportation to/from qualified visits

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Paying For Your Health Care