Planned Parenthood

Mohawk Hudson


fluke125.jpgAnnual Celebration 2013 Featured Sandra Fluke

Our 2013 Annual Celebration on November 7 featured women's activist Sandra Fluke. Also,  awards were presented to two remarkable individuals, Roberta Steiner and Diane Wilkinson, for their community activism on behalf of Planned Parenthood.  

This year's featured speaker, Sandra Fluke, came to national attention in 2012 when she was prohibited from testifying before a House committee about the importance of affordable and accessible birth control for women. Instead, the committee heard from a male-only panel discussing women's reproductive health---a stunning image that sparked a national debate. Eventually Ms. Fluke was allowed to speak to a much smaller group of House members, but she was then subjected to inflammatory remarks by national talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Despite these personal attacks, Ms. Fluke has been unwavering in her strong, principled advocacy for women's reproductive health.

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