Planned Parenthood

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Mother-Son Retreats


An all-day retreat for 10-12 year-old sons and their mothers or female mentors. Activities are designed to support positive parent-child communication about puberty and sexuality, and to emphasize the value of building healthy relationships. For more information, email or call us at 612-821-6198.

Upcoming Retreats

Join us for our next mother-son retreat on Saturday, May 16th in
St. Cloud.  Grant funding allows us to offer the St. Cloud mother-son retreat free of charge.  Each mother-son pair will receive a stipend at the end of the day.

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  • Registration is required and recommended at least 4 weeks prior to retreat date.
  • Space is limited to 10 mother-son pairs per retreat.
  • Lunch, snacks, and materials are provided throughout the day


We offer scholarships for individuals who qualify. Email or call 612-821-6198 for more information.

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Mother-Son Retreats