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Parent-Child Programs

PPOL_Branded_Images_283_Short.jpgTalk. Listen. Connect with your family.

Kids from toddlers to teens are curious about bodies, sexuality, and relationships.  It's not always the easiest topic – we're here to help. 

Parent-Child Retreats
If you’re like many parents, spending an entire day with your daughter or son is a rare treat. No phones, no TV, no errands - just the two of you. Enjoy some quality time while you create a safe space for dialogue about important issues:

PASE Forums for Parents
Today’s kids are savvier than ever. TV, pop music, and the internet expose them to sexual images and messages at increasingly earlier ages. How can parents keep up? We can help.

Let's Talk
We celebrate Let's Talk Month (October) all year long!  Check out our Let's Talk Tablemat and begin using it with your family to help get great mealtime conversations started.  Parents who promote spending time together talking and sharing family meals are supporting healthy youth development!  


Read our report on the importance of supporting parent-child connectedness:
Parent-Child Connectedness in Our Communities

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Parent-Child Programs