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Abortion Ban in Tennessee Approved


On November 4th, we lost our battle to defeat Amendment One. We are proud of the campaign we waged against this dangerous and flawed amendment. We trust women to make their own decisions, we believe in privacy at times of crisis, and we love Tennessee.

This was a difficult vote for many who decided the outcome because they believe in safe and legal access to healthcare for women. Tennesseans are passionate and proud of their privacy rights and believe wholeheartedly that exceptions must be made for victims of rape or incest, or when a woman’s life is in danger.

Across the state, opponents of Amendment 1 started important, difficult conversations and ensured that voters understood that this was not just “an abortion amendment”. This is about religious freedom, privacy rights, government interference, and civil rights. We will continue these discussions.

This amendment may give politicians more power to legislate our medical decisions, but we will fight back stronger than ever before. We know their extreme agenda is out-of-touch with what we have heard from Tennesseans in every corner of this state. We have built an amazing grassroots coalition and an army of volunteers who will make sure our representatives and senators hear their constituent’s voices loud and clear. Our government needs to know radical laws will not be backed by voters.

While we lost the vote, we succeeded in changing the conversation. There was a consensus reached among voters that priority number one is safe and legal access to healthcare for women. How we get to that is up for debate, and this conversation will continue in the legislature. We welcome any legislative action that promotes women’s health. But we will not stand for any restrictions that serve only to create barriers to women’s health care.

No matter what comes our way, Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee will fight for women and families. Together we WILL ensure that a woman’s access to reproductive health care is protected.


Jeff Teague
President and CEO

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Proposed Abortion Ban in Tennessee