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December 2014

 Dear Friend,

As the winter chill settles in, it is difficult to believe how fast 2014 has flown by.  Reflecting back to January and the many projects that were ahead for us, it promised to be a busy year.

Thanks to the generosity of a grant through the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, we kicked off 2014 by hiring a Certified Application Counselor to educate and enroll eligible Essex County PPMNJ patients and community residents in qualified health insurance plans and expanded Medicaid.  As the result of our efforts, nearly 600 people are now insured!

Another major initiative for the year was the implementation of Electronic Health Records at three of our six health centers to comply with the federal mandates.  What a huge undertaking.  Not only did it involve staff training, system upgrades and new equipment, EHR promises to improve the quality and efficiency of our patients’ care.  It can be continuously updated, facilitate coordination among health providers, engage patients in their own care, ensure adequate privacy and security protections, and allow data to be used anonymously for statistical reporting on public health issues.

PPMNJ added a new core service, medication abortion, at the Chubb Center.  As we assess the needs of the communities that we serve, it is essential that we stretch beyond “business as usual” into other areas that will keep us viable and sustainable in the eyes of those who have come to depend upon our services.

Some of you may have joined us as at the BMW of Bloomfield as we toasted our 3rd Taste of the Good Life” event in October.  The Family Life Institute’s Teen LINKS were on hand to greet guests and showcase their dramatic skills.

And finally, PPMNJ received its three year accreditation from Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Indeed it’s been quite a year.

After nearly 35 years, when we close the doors of our Pompton Lakes Health Center on December 31, 2014, we will not be reopening.  Declining patient volume, insufficient revenue and changing demographics of that community left us no other choice.  That means almost 1,500 people will need to go elsewhere for their care. 

This is where you come in.  We must keep our other five centers open and operational. For over 86 years we have counted on you to stand with us and we need our partners more than ever.  Your generosity and commitment to PPMNJ has been the difference. Thank you for each and every gift that you have given to PPMNJ.  Looking ahead to 2015, we have another full agenda of projects to accomplish, including the relocation of our largest health center and administrative offices in Newark, but our success will depend on your support. 

During this holiday season, we hope that this organization and those we serve remain high on your list.  As you write your check, think about that 19 year old college student afraid that his girlfriend may be pregnant, the 16 year old that comes in with her mother, concerned that she may have an STD, and the 32 year old single mom who just found a lump in her breast. They are relying on us to care… no matter what, and we are relying on you!

Wishing you beautiful holidays and a healthy 2015,                                                            

Roz_Signature.jpg            terry_signature.JPG           

 Roslyn Rogers Collins, President & CEO         Terry Booker, Board Chair



We invite you to consider Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey in your estate planning. To learn more about PPMNJ please visit our website at Your contribution to this 501(c)(3) organization  is 100% tax deductible

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