Planned Parenthood

Mercer Area

Before Your Appointment

Preparing for your upcoming appointment?  Here is some useful information to help you have a smooth, efficient visit.

For all appointments: Please bring a photo ID to your appointment.  If you are using insurance, please bring all current insurance cards, and any required co-pays and/or referrals.  If you are not using insurance, please bring a current paystub or other proof of income to your visit.

For abortion services: Please note that children are not allowed in our abortion services health center.  If you will be having your abortion with moderate sedation ("twilight sleep"), please visit our Moderate Sedation page for a full list of instructions for your appointment.  If you will be having the medication abortion (the abortion pill), please visit our Abortion Pill page for more information.  Please note that for the medication abortion, you will be required to come back for a follow up visit.

For directions to our health centers: Please visit our Directions page.

To print and complete your paperwork ahead of your appointment: Please visit our Forms page.

For important security information, including information about protestors: Please visit our Security Information page.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please call us at 609-599-4881.

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Before Your Appointment