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Protection Methods Demonstration Kit

The Kit is Now Available!

The Protection Methods Demonstration Kit is available to purchase at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. For just $110, you'll get the most comprehensive resource for teaching about contraception and protection methods, contained in a heavy duty, clear plastic case designed for portability. Each kit contains the following items.*


-1 Birth Control Pill Pack Demonstration Model

-1 IUD Model & Insertion Device

-1 Contraceptive Vaginal Film

-1 Diaphragm

-1 Contraceptive Gel

-1 Contraceptive Implant Model

-1 Sample of Lubricant

-1 Wooden Condom Demonstration Model

-1 Rapid Response Pregnancy Test

-10 External/Male Condoms

-1 Internal/Female Condom

-1 Dental Dam

-1 Contraceptive Shot Brochure

-1 External/Male Condom Brochure

-1 Internal/Female Condom Brochure

-1 Your Contraceptive Choices Brochure

-1 Sus Alternativas Anticonceptivas Brochure

-1 Sexually Transmitted Infections Brochure

-1 Emergency Contraception Brochure

*All items contained in The Kit are placebos, demonstration units, or damaged and not suitable for use. We try to provide every item listed here. Due to limitations on quantity or lack of supply of placebos/demonstration units from contraceptive manufacturers, we may be unable to provide every method listed at the time your order is filled.

To order The Kit, please download the Kit Order Form. Please call (617) 616-1672 or email with questions.


Please allow 1 month for order processing. Kits can be shipped within the continental United States for $20 per kit. Shipping is free on orders of 3 or more Kits.

Contents of The Kit
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Protection Methods Demonstration Kit