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To have the legal right to an abortion, but be unable to afford one- where is the justice in that? Though Maryland is one of the few states that cover abortion for certain women receiving Medicaid, women without this coverage but in financial need must have somewhere to turn. For these women, Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc administers the June Coleman Abortion Loan Fund. This fund is part of the National Network of Abortion Funds .

The June Coleman Abortion Loan Fund is available to residents of Maryland, excluding women residing in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties (funds administered by others are available to these women).

The fund is available to women with demonstrated financial need. All recipients must sign a repayment note.

Support the Fund!

Cost should not be a barrier to access. Click here to donate directly to the June Coleman Abortion Loan Fund, and know your donation is going directly to women in need.

Planned Parenthood of Maryland covers all administrative costs of the program. Every dollar donated is available directly to women in need of abortion and without the means to pay.

Getting a Loan

Are you in need of assistance? To discuss a June Coleman Fund loan, call (866) 936-7776.

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Abortion Loan Fund