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Health Care Reform in California

The Affordable Care Act is a law passed in 2010 to increase access to health care coverage in the United States. Also known as Obamacare or health care reform, it makes it easier for those who are uninsured to get affordable health insurance. This will cover things that are important to you, including birth control with no co-pay, doctor visits, hospitalizations, maternity care, emergency room care, and many other services. And you can not be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions like diabetes or cancer.

In 2014, about 2.6 million more Californians will be able to get health care coverage.  Are you one of them?

Programs to consider:

Medi-Cal (also called Medicaid) – Existing Program is Expandingreform-01.png
Covered California – New Program   
Family PACT – Existing Program Remaining

Which Health Care Coverage Is Right For You?

It can be hard to figure out which health care coverage is right for you, and how much you will have to pay. Here are some examples to help you figure out which coverage you may be able to get:  



To find out what coverage is available and to get an idea of how much it will cost, visit the Covered California calculator and fill in your information. There are several options in each county. If you need additional assistance, there will be trained people to help you enter your contact information.  

Who is Eligible to Purchase Covered California Insurance?

Are you:

  • Between the ages of 18-64?
  • A citizen of the United States or a Legal resident?  If no, do you have children who need health insurance? You may be able to enroll your children.
  • A resident of the State of California? 
  • Not covered by an employer’s insurance plan?
  • Pay more than 9.5% of your gross income for health insurance?

What do I Need to Bring to my Covered California Appointment to Enroll?

  • Proof of Citizenship or Legal resident status:  Birth certificate, Green Card, U.S. passport or Naturalization Certificate for EACH person you want to enroll.
  • Social Security Number for EACH person you want to enroll.  (Bring the SSN care, if you have it).
  • Proof of Income:  Pay stub, letter from your employer stating your wages.
  • Federal Income Tax Forms:  2012 tax form(s) you filed last year.
  • Proof that you live in California: CA driver’s license, utility bill.
  • If pregnant, proof of pregnancy from a medical provider or clinic. A home pregnancy test is not adequate.
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Health Care Reform in California