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PPKeystone HIV Prevention Intervention Programs


Individual and Group HIV Prevention Interventions

PPKey educators provide cutting-edge HIV prevention interventions throughout our affiliate’s territory. We provide research-based HIV intervention programs to both individuals and groups. These interventions, approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), focus specifically on HIV prevention and empower the individuals we serve to stay safe. They also help link participants to HIV and other STD testing at our medical centers. 

PPKey educators provide the following programs:

  • Street Smart – A group intervention aimed at reducing HIV risk among youth.
  • Healthy Relationships – A group intervention that provides a safe, supportive environment for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • CLEAR - A one-to-one client centered program for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • RESPECT - A 2 part HIV program that works to raise awareness of an individual's personal risk for contracting HIV & how to reduce that risk.

Programs are conducted in sites throughout Lancaster, Dauphin, Bucks, Franklin, and York Counties. Several of our individual and group interventions are available to community members for free. You may also be eligible to earn incentives for completing certain interventions. If you are individual interested in participating in CLEAR, or Healthy Relationships, please contact us at or 717-781-2296.

Our Central Pennsylvania HIV interventions are made possible by the Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania and The PA Department of Health.

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PPKeystone HIV Prevention Intervention Programs