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Parents, Caregivers, Trusted Adults! Are you uncomfortable having “the talk” with your teen? Are you unsure how to answer when your little one asks where babies come from? Do you have questions about communicating with young people about sexuality? We’re here to help! Sign up for our newsletter “The Talk” and get tips on talking with your young people. Send your email address, first and last name to For additional information on how to talk to your young people, click here.

Education Sessions

As a parent or caregiver, you recognize that talking to youth about sexuality is challenging and crucial. Research shows that youth who receive accurate and timely information from their parents about sexuality and sexual health are more likely to delay sex, and to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases when they do become sexually active. That’s why we offer information and resources to help you start “The Talk” and keep the conversation going, whether your children are in elementary school, middle school, high school, or beyond.

Individual topics

Parent-child communication Adolescent development Discussing birth control methods
Puberty Growing up male/female Peer pressure
Sexual decision-making Sexually transmitted infections  


Let’s Talk Month provides an opportunity to highlight the important role that parents play as the primary sexuality educators of their own children and emphasize that honest, open communication in families has significant benefits. Last year’s Let’s Talk survey revealed that teens are much less comfortable talking to their parents about topics related to sex than parents are talking with their teens, so this year Planned Parenthood is focused on helping teens feel more comfortable opening up conversations about sexuality and relationships with their parents or other trusted adults. It is important to let both teens and parents know that conversations about sexuality may be difficult, but get easier the more they engage.

Talking About Sexuality with Your Children

Let's Talk: Tips for Discussing Sexuality with Your Children
– This publication is full of ideas about how to make talking to your children about issues around sexuality easier and how to use media as a tool for talking with your children. It also includes a list of useful books and videos available from the Planned Parenthood Resource Center.

What should children know about human sexuality, and at what age?

Children need correct, comprehensive, age-appropriate information in order to make responsible, informed choices about their behavior. Click here to read Planned Parenthood’s guide to sexuality education, spanning the pre-kindergarten years to young adulthood. Our Resource Center offers many more materials on this subject, including books suitable for both younger and older children, available for loan.

We provide educational programs tailored to the needs of parent groups, which can be presented at your home, office, community center, PTA meeting, civic or faith group. For more information or to schedule a session for your group, please email or call her at (765) 446-8078, ext. 1505.

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Parents and Caregivers